Toolroom Ibiza 2022

2022-05-28 16:30

VA - Toolroom Ibiza 2022 / TOOL112601Z / Toolroom

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Mark Knight & James Hurr & Cari GoldenYou Are A God (Extended Mix)06:1614
2Hugel & LOVRAMadonna (Extended Mix)05:0912
3LeftwingKody - Mallet (Extended Mix)06:3315
4Hannah Wants & ARA (UK)So High (Extended Mix)06:4515
5Martin Ikin Ft. Hayley MayHow I Feel (Extended Vocal Mix)06:3115
6Mason MaynardLight My Fire (Extended Mix)05:2212
7ChaneyBlank Space (Extended Mix)05:1712
8Gotsome & Georgia MeekDead End (Extended Mix)05:3313
9Disaia & Space FutureMovimiento (Extended Mix)05:5113
10Ango TamarinWheres Eric (Extended Mix)06:4315
11ESSEL & Mila Falls Ft. James HurrI Want You (Extended Mix)03:549
12GW Harrison & DJ RaeFeel For You (Extended Mix)05:1412
13Deeper PurposeDo We Go (Extended Mix)06:0814
14Alex PrestonSensation (Extended Mix)05:0712
15Javi Bora & Richard Ulh & CinthieGet Down To Work (Cinthie Extended Remix)05:3713
16AshibahGet 2 Know Me (Extended Mix)04:0910
17Iglesias & ClassmaticFreak (Classmatic Extended Mix)06:1314
18Thomas Newson & Simon RayGet 'em Up (Extended Mix)05:3913
19Nicolas Caprile & ChinonegroSabor Latino (Darius Syrossian Extended Mix)06:4816
20The DeepshakerzIn My Bag (Extended Mix)05:2312
21Maxinne & Lauren L'aimantTake It Anymore (Extended Mix)05:4213
22HotswingGo Up (Extended Mix)05:2012
23Tim BareskoLlego La (Mark Knight Extended Mix)06:4415
24Daniel OrpiNothing Like You (Extended Mix)06:2615
25Tini GesslerClickbait (Extended Mix)05:3513
26Ben RememberBreak Through (Extended Mix)06:2215
27De La Swing & RendherVoodoo Step (Extended Mix)06:3115
28Pansil & Alex GewerTonight (Extended Mix)04:4411
29James Hurr & Per QX & Elias BravoGet Up (Extended Mix)05:4213
30Will Taylor (UK)Love Songs & Sex (Extended Mix)06:0414
31David TortMind Sync (Extended Mix)06:0914
32ItalobrosDilan (Extended Mix)06:2215
33MANTRaw (Extended Mix)05:4513
34Bruce GroovesI Wanna Be The One (Extended Mix)06:0414
35Ellis MossCritical (Extended Mix)05:4313
36Ladebare & Connor HaleyWhat You Feel (Extended Mix)05:5013
37SiwellLa Fiesta (Extended Mix)05:3013
38Miguel BastidaSynth N Roll (Extended Mix)06:0414
39James IDI Remember (Extended Mix)05:3813
40Paige & Nihil Young Ft. SaysaysayNightfall (Extended Mix)06:1914
41Ben DelayAll Your Love (Extended Mix)06:0414
42Kisch & Laura DavieLight (Extended Mix)03:348
43CrusyTell Me (Extended Mix)05:3413
44Pirate Snake & PleightIsolator (Extended Mix)05:0111
45TRU Concept & Georgia Meek & Paul HarrisInfinity (Club Mix)04:4811
46AMEMEWait No More (Extended Mix)06:2615
47KarreteroTo My Beat (Extended Mix)06:0414
48Ali Wilson & Matt SmallwoodCanadian Geese (Extended Mix)06:3515
49KeeqKeep An Eye (Extended Mix)06:0414
50StonezThe Truth (Namazi Extended Mix)06:4515
51VAToolroom Ibiza 2022 (House Mix)59:47137
52VAToolroom Ibiza 2022 (Tech House Mix)59:24136
The AOV Stars rises again with a big M4Gnitude, and presents

Artist(s).....: VA
Album.........: Toolroom Ibiza 2022
Genre.........: House
Date..........: 05.28.2022
Encoder.......: LAME 3.100
Quality.......: 320kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo
Track(s)......: 52
Size..........: 936,00MB
Language......: English
Source........: WEB (WAV)
Label.........: Toolroom
Catalognr.....: TOOL112601Z

01.Mark Knight & James Hurr & Cari Golden  -  You Are A God (Extended Mix) 	[06:16]
02.Hugel & LOVRA  -  Madonna (Extended Mix)                                	[05:09]
03.Leftwing  -  Kody - Mallet (Extended Mix)                               	[06:32]
04.Hannah Wants & ARA (UK)  -  So High (Extended Mix)                      	[06:45]
05.Martin Ikin Ft. Hayley May  -  How I Feel (Extended Vocal Mix)          	[06:31]
06.Mason Maynard  -  Light My Fire (Extended Mix)                          	[05:22]
07.Chaney  -  Blank Space (Extended Mix)                                   	[05:17]
08.Gotsome & Georgia Meek  -  Dead End (Extended Mix)                      	[05:33]
09.Disaia & Space Future  -  Movimiento (Extended Mix)                     	[05:51]
10.Ango Tamarin  -  Wheres Eric (Extended Mix)                            	[06:43]
11.ESSEL & Mila Falls Ft. James Hurr  -  I Want You (Extended Mix)         	[03:54]
12.GW Harrison & DJ Rae  -  Feel For You (Extended Mix)                    	[05:14]
13.Deeper Purpose  -  Do We Go (Extended Mix)                              	[06:08]
14.Alex Preston  -  Sensation (Extended Mix)                               	[05:07]
15.Javi Bora & Richard Ulh & Cinthie  -  Get Down To Work (Cinthie Extended	[05:37]
16.Ashibah  -  Get 2 Know Me (Extended Mix)                                	[04:09]
17.Iglesias &  Classmatic  -  Freak (Classmatic Extended Mix)              	[06:13]
18.Thomas Newson & Simon Ray  -  Get 'em Up (Extended Mix)                 	[05:39]
19.Nicolas Caprile & Chinonegro  -  Sabor Latino (Darius Syrossian Extended	[06:47]
20.The Deepshakerz  -  In My Bag (Extended Mix)                            	[05:22]
21.Maxinne & Lauren L'aimant  -  Take It Anymore (Extended Mix)            	[05:41]
22.Hotswing  -  Go Up (Extended Mix)                                       	[05:20]
23.Tim Baresko  -  Llego La (Mark Knight Extended Mix)                     	[06:43]
24.Daniel Orpi  -  Nothing Like You (Extended Mix)                         	[06:26]
25.Tini Gessler  -  Clickbait (Extended Mix)                               	[05:35]
26.Ben Remember  -  Break Through (Extended Mix)                           	[06:22]
27.De La Swing & Rendher  -  Voodoo Step (Extended Mix)                    	[06:30]
28.Pansil & Alex Gewer  -  Tonight (Extended Mix)                          	[04:44]
29.James Hurr & Per QX & Elias Bravo  -  Get Up (Extended Mix)             	[05:42]
30.Will Taylor (UK)  -  Love Songs & Sex (Extended Mix)                    	[06:04]
31.David Tort  -  Mind Sync (Extended Mix)                                 	[06:09]
32.Italobros  -  Dilan (Extended Mix)                                      	[06:22]
33.MANT  -  Raw (Extended Mix)                                             	[05:45]
34.Bruce Grooves  -  I Wanna Be The One (Extended Mix)                     	[06:03]
35.Ellis Moss  -  Critical (Extended Mix)                                  	[05:43]
36.Ladebare & Connor Haley  -  What You Feel (Extended Mix)                	[05:50]
37.Siwell  -  La Fiesta (Extended Mix)                                     	[05:30]
38.Miguel Bastida  -  Synth N Roll (Extended Mix)                          	[06:04]
39.James ID  -  I Remember (Extended Mix)                                  	[05:38]
40.Paige & Nihil Young Ft. Saysaysay  -  Nightfall (Extended Mix)          	[06:18]
41.Ben Delay  -  All Your Love (Extended Mix)                              	[06:03]
42.Kisch & Laura Davie  -  Light (Extended Mix)                            	[03:34]
43.Crusy  -  Tell Me (Extended Mix)                                        	[05:33]
44.Pirate Snake & Pleight  -  Isolator (Extended Mix)                      	[05:00]
45.TRU Concept & Georgia Meek & Paul Harris  -  Infinity (Club Mix)        	[04:48]
46.AMEME  -  Wait No More (Extended Mix)                                   	[06:25]
47.Karretero  -  To My Beat (Extended Mix)                                 	[06:04]
48.Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood  -  Canadian Geese (Extended Mix)           	[06:35]
49.Keeq  -  Keep An Eye (Extended Mix)                                     	[06:04]
50.Stonez  -  The Truth (Namazi Extended Mix)                              	[06:45]
51.VA  -  Toolroom Ibiza 2022 (House Mix)                                  	[59:44]
52.VA  -  Toolroom Ibiza 2022 (Tech House Mix)                             	[59:21]
										Playtime : 408:34Min

Back by popular demand, Toolroom's chart topping Ibiza album drops the
first taste of summer, with a hot collection of House cuts from some of
the scene's leading talents.

Packed with 50 of the freshest tracks from Darius Syrossian, Mark Knight,
Leftwing : Kody, Hannah Wants, CINTHIE, Mason Maynard, ESSEL, Martin Ikin,
HUGEL & many more. From dusk till dawn, from the poolside to the terrace,
Toolroom Ibiza 2022 is the essential soundtrack to the summer.

Remember who you are, dont forget that