Nothing But... Deep & Minimal Essentials, Vol. 12

2023-11-20 16:13

VA - Nothing But... Deep & Minimal Essentials, Vol. 12 / NBDME12 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Black RideEuphoria (Original Mix)06:4916
2K-CoinS & SLETJAhEY YOu (Original Mix)06:4916
3VEKYCome Back To Me (Original Mix)04:4611
4Jo PacielloTake 4 (Original Mix)06:0814
5George KellyLet's Go (Original Mix)05:2813
6Ian ChristopherLoFi Nocturne (Original Mix)07:2817
7Amen Deep TMbaula (Deeper Skepticm)07:5618
8Double TakeSWA (Original Mix)05:5013
9StoianCTRL (Original Mix)06:4315
10Leonardo CamiloCookies (Original Mix)08:5821
11HoruzAnima (Original Mix)05:5914
12DJ Dax DavisUrban Deep Element Theme (Instrumental Mix)05:1712
13Jake CusackCan't Get You (Off My Mind) (Original Mix)07:1417
14DEL BIANCHIWhat Ya Gonna Do (Original Mix)06:1314
15Kreed.Indescribable (Original Mix)06:3415
16Benny STrue Colours (Original Mix)06:3615
17Zone+Dissatisfied (Original Mix)07:1417
18QlabSunset Grey (Original Mix)05:3913
19M.K CliveHigher Power (Original Mix)05:3313
20DrillischMaybe No (Original Mix)06:2415
21Jamie FieldingHandzz Up (Original Mix)06:4515
22RowanEnlightment (Original Mix)07:5218
23Alejandro GiraldoAnother Dream (Original Mix)07:2517
24KiRKieLet's Talk (Original Mix)05:5614
25Luca DanAntiseptic Life (Original Mix)05:3213
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: VA
        Title: Nothing But... Deep & Minimal Essentials, Vol. 12
        Release Date: 20.11.2023                    Street Year: 2023
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: WEB (FLAC)                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 375,92 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: Nothing But                 NBDME12


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Black Ride - Euphoria (Original Mix)          06:51
           02. K-CoinS & SLETJA - hEY YOu (Original Mix)     06:51
           03. VEKY - Come Back To Me (Original Mix)         04:48
           04. Jo Paciello - Take 4 (Original Mix)           06:10
           05. George Kelly - Let's Go (Original Mix)        05:30
           06. Ian Christopher - LoFi Nocturne (Original Mix)07:31
           07. Amen Deep T - Mbaula (Deeper Skepticm)        07:58
           08. Double Take - SWA (Original Mix)              05:52
           09. Stoian - CTRL (Original Mix)                  06:45
           10. Leonardo Camilo - Cookies (Original Mix)      09:00
           11. Horuz - Anima (Original Mix)                  06:01
           12. DJ Dax Davis - Urban Deep Element Theme       05:20
               (Instrumental Mix)
           13. Jake Cusack - Can't Get You (Off My Mind)     07:16
               (Original Mix)
           14. DEL BIANCHI - What Ya Gonna Do (Original Mix) 06:15
           15. Kreed. - Indescribable (Original Mix)         06:36
           16. Benny S - True Colours (Original Mix)         06:38
           17. Zone+ - Dissatisfied (Original Mix)           07:16
           18. Qlab - Sunset Grey (Original Mix)             05:41
           19. M.K Clive - Higher Power (Original Mix)       05:35
           20. Drillisch - Maybe No (Original Mix)           06:26
           21. Jamie Fielding - Handzz Up (Original Mix)     06:47
           22. Rowan - Enlightment (Original Mix)            07:54
           23. Alejandro Giraldo - Another Dream             07:27
               (Original Mix)
           24. KiRKie - Let's Talk (Original Mix)            05:58
           25. Luca Dan - Antiseptic Life (Original Mix)     05:34

     About Release    

       Nothing But... Deep & Minimal Essentials presents tracks and
       remixes from Black Ride, VEKY, Jo Paciello, George Kelly, Ian
       Christopher, Amen Deep T, Double Take, Stoian, Leonardo
       Camilo, Horuz, Jake Cusack, DEL BIANCHI, Kreed., Benny S,
       Zone+, QLab, M.K Clive, Drillisch, Jamie Fielding, Rowan,
       KiRKie, Luca Dan, K-CoinS, SLETJA, DJ Dax Davis, Alejandro


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