Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 27

2024-06-10 13:11

VA - Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 27 / NBTHS27 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1Frank GarciaFirme En La Tierra (Original Mix)05:4213
2Rod Fussy & MC TalibaOndinha (Original Mix)03:007
3MAXXNFront To The Back (Original Mix)03:188
4Guezmark & Aitor PastorDon't Stop (Original Mix)06:2115
5MobzzWeird (Original Mix)04:4511
6Dee.Jay.Sun.Day.Unconscious (Original Mix)06:1614
7Core GPlan B (Extended Mix)02:537
8MotakechiRaw (Original Mix)05:0412
9Marck FrostSet Me Free (Extended Mix)06:1214
10General MosesMicah (Original Mix)06:1314
11Gokhan GokkayaThe Night (Original Mix)07:0316
12Jesse Jonez & Rich FurnissMoving On (Original Mix)04:4711
13Matt Caseli & Matt LightbournSweet Vibrations (Original Amen Mix)03:308
14Will VarleyNever Say No (Extended Mix)05:5614
15Merk (ITA)Kunta (Original Mix)05:2712
16Chrisy StebbedsAll Ya Got (Instrumental Mix)04:059
17Stanny AbramLa Fagacci (Original Mix)02:466
18Lap DancersGet My Lovin' (Extended Mix)05:3413
19a_fletchyMakes Me Feel (Original Mix)06:0214
20AsiertechBelieve (Original Mix)05:3213
21AnderlineDeceiver (Original Mix)03:037
22GosizeContigo (Original Mix)03:489
23divaDanielleBaddie (Original Mix)04:2510
24Elijah WolfeShit Goes Down (Original Mix)05:0112
25Caravaca & Yune MKSensation (Original Mix)05:4013
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: Various Artists
        Title: Nothing But... Tech House Selections, Vol. 27
        Release Date: 10.06.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: (FLAC) WEB                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 284,81 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: Nothing But                 NBTHS27


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Frank Garcia - Firme En La Tierra             05:46
               (Original Mix)
           02. Rod Fussy & MC Talib - Ondinha (Original Mix)03:04
           03. MAXXN - Front To The Back (Original Mix)      03:23
           04. Guezmark & Aitor Pastor - Don't Stop          06:26
               (Original Mix)
           05. Mobzz - Weird (Original Mix)                  04:49
           06. Dee.Jay.Sun.Day. - Unconscious (Original Mix) 06:20
           07. Core G - Plan B (Extended Mix)                02:58
           08. Motakechi - Raw (Original Mix)                05:08
           09. Marck Frost - Set Me Free (Extended Mix)      06:17
           10. General Moses - Micah (Original Mix)          06:18
           11. Gokhan Gokkaya - The Night (Original Mix)     07:08
           12. Jesse Jonez & Rich Furniss - Moving On        04:51
               (Original Mix)
           13. Matt Caseli & Matt Lightbourn - Sweet         03:35
               Vibrations (Original Amen Mix)
           14. Will Varley - Never Say No (Extended Mix)     06:00
           15. Merk (ITA) - Kunta (Original Mix)             05:31
           16. Chrisy Stebbeds - All Ya Got                  04:09
               (Instrumental Mix)
           17. Stanny Abram - La Fagacci (Original Mix)      02:50
           18. Lap Dancers - Get My Lovin' (Extended Mix)    05:39
           19. a_fletchy - Makes Me Feel (Original Mix)      06:06
           20. Asiertech - Believe (Original Mix)            05:36
           21. Anderline - Deceiver (Original Mix)           03:07
           22. Gosize - Contigo (Original Mix)               03:53
           23. divaDanielle - Baddie (Original Mix)          04:29
           24. Elijah Wolfe - Shit Goes Down (Original Mix)  05:06
           25. Caravaca & Yune MK - Sensation (Original Mix) 05:44

     About Release    

       Tech House Selections presents tracks and remixes from Frank
       Garcia, MAXXN, Mobzz, Dee.Jay.Sun.Day., Marck Frost, General
       Moses, Gokhan Gokkaya, Will Varley, Merk (ITA), Chrisy
       Stebbeds, Stanny Abram, Lap Dancers, a_fletchy, Anderline,
       Gosize, divaDanielle, Elijah Wolfe, Rod Fussy, Mc Talib,
       Guezmark, Aitor Pastor, Core G, Motakechi, Jesse Jonez, Rich
       Furniss, Matt Caseli, Matt Lightbourn, Asiertech, Caravaca,
       Yune MK.


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