Nothing But... Funky House Grooves, Vol. 21

2024-06-10 13:12

VA - Nothing But... Funky House Grooves, Vol. 21 / NBFHG21 / Nothing But

#artisttrack titledurationsize, mb
1FunkabitCold Since 86 (Original Mix)05:5313
2Ice CreamI Feel Better (Original Mix)05:5313
3Crazy MonkeysMake Me Move (Original Mix)07:1617
4RosadoTake It Easy (Original Mix)03:569
5Martin Eriksson feat. Freedah SoulWelcome To Malmo (Remixes) (Remastered Radio Mix)03:449
6StartraxxCan't Stop (Radio Edit)03:388
7Bagagee Viphex13Padak Padak (Origiral Remix)05:0712
8F.SmidSunclub Summer (Original Mix)08:0719
9Phantom InterceptorBass Odyssey (Original Mix)14:3633
10AnKan South & Terence SaxStereo Pair (Extended Mix)05:3013
11Pseudor Ft. Chris OddTrue Love (Radio Edit)03:228
12Coqui VillalobosRock Da Bass (Original Mix)07:5618
13JCL & MoodkillahVerboten Stil (Original Mix)06:3815
14BedrudSie Ist Elektrisch (Mo Digital Remix)03:569
15Tryk PonizTouch The Sky (Original Mix)06:4716
16ChemistryGotta Have It (Luscious Dub)05:5413
17HushtiBeatastic (Original Mix)04:5911
18Vic FlairsParadise Or Oblivion (Original Mix)07:2817
19TzesarWest Coast (Original Mix)05:3613
20Jon LockleyAy-Ay-Ay (Original Mix)06:4215
21Juan Belmonte Feat. Eva IsingsYour Love Is Dangerous (Extended)05:4713
22Gino LoveSlate Block (Original Mix)08:2919
23ChemarsBlast From The Past (Sing To Swing) (Original Mix)07:1817
24LukadoLuqure De Mamela (Original Mix)06:1214
25Dim SteelG-Gang (Original Mix)04:5011
Proudly Present

      Release Info    

        Artist: Various Artists
        Title: Nothing But... Funky House Grooves, Vol. 21
        Release Date: 10.06.2024                    Street Year: 2024
        Quality: 320kbps / 44,1 / Joint Stereo      Tracks: 25
        Source: (FLAC) WEB                          Genre: House
        Release Size: 359,71 MB                     Language: English
        Ripper Soft: EAC                            Encoding Soft: LAME
        Label: Nothing But                 NBFHG21


       Track:                 Track titles:                Lenght:       

           01. Funkabit - Cold Since 86 (Original Mix)       05:56
           02. Ice Cream - I Feel Better (Original Mix)      05:56
           03. Crazy Monkeys - Make Me Move (Original Mix)   07:19
           04. Rosado - Take It Easy (Original Mix)          03:59
           05. Martin Eriksson feat. Freedah Soul - Welcome  03:48
               To Malmo (Remixes) (Remastered Radio Mix)
           06. Startraxx - Can't Stop (Radio Edit)           03:42
           07. Bagagee Viphex13 - Padak Padak                05:11
               (Origiral Remix)
           08. F.Smid - Sunclub Summer (Original Mix)        08:10
           09. Phantom Interceptor - Bass Odyssey            14:39
               (Original Mix)
           10. AnKan South & Terence Sax - Stereo Pair       05:33
               (Extended Mix)
           11. Pseudor Ft. Chris Odd - True Love (Radio Edit)03:26
           12. Coqui Villalobos - Rock Da Bass (Original Mix)08:00
           13. JCL & Moodkillah - Verboten Stil              06:41
               (Original Mix)
           14. Bedrud - Sie Ist Elektrisch (Mo Digital Remix)03:59
           15. Tryk Poniz - Touch The Sky (Original Mix)     06:50
           16. Chemistry - Gotta Have It (Luscious Dub)      05:57
           17. Hushti - Beatastic (Original Mix)             05:02
           18. Vic Flairs - Paradise Or Oblivion             07:32
               (Original Mix)
           19. Tzesar - West Coast (Original Mix)            05:39
           20. Jon Lockley - Ay-Ay-Ay (Original Mix)         06:46
           21. Juan Belmonte Feat. Eva Isings - Your Love Is 05:51
               Dangerous (Extended)
           22. Gino Love - Slate Block (Original Mix)        08:33
           23. Chemars - Blast From The Past                 07:22
               (Sing To Swing) (Original Mix)
           24. Lukado - Luqure De Mamela (Original Mix)      06:15
           25. Dim Steel - G-Gang (Original Mix)             04:53

     About Release    

       Tracks and remixes from Funkabit, Ice Cream, Crazy Monkeys,
       Rosado, Startraxx, F.Smid, Coqui Villalobos, Mo Digital,
       Chemistry, Vic Flairs, Tzesar, Jon Lockley, Gino Love,
       Chemars, Lukado, Martin Eriksson feat. Freedah Soul, Bagagee
       Viphex13, Phantom Interceptor, Ankan South, Terence Sax,
       Pseudor Ft. Chris Odd, JCL & Moodkillah, Bedrud, Tryk Poniz,
       Hushti, Juan Belmonte Feat. Eva Isings, Dim Steel.


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